Information for Authors

Rules for the authors submitting an article for publication

Author’s first and last name should be placed in the top left corner, and author’s affiliation (the English version thereof) must be placed right below it. The main text (also called ‘running text’) of an article ought to be submitted exclusively in the English language and supplemented with English-language footnotes. However, the Authors must always provide the original (i.e., given in the original language) titles and publication information about the referenced works. The submitted text must always be accompanied by bibliography corresponding to the works referred to in the footnotes and the main text (including internet sources) and summaries in both Polish and English (not exceeding ¾ of a standard MS Word page).

Guidelines for the Authors

Main text should meet the following requirements:

  • left margin – 4 cm, but no right-aligned text
  • right margin – 1.5 cm
  • font Times New Roman – 12 pt
  • 2 line spacing (around 30 lines per page)

Footnotes should be prepared taking into account the following requirements by the University of Silesia Press:

  • Footnotes must be placed at the foot of a relevant page (i.e., at the same page where a number –  footnote indicator – is placed).
  • The first line of each footnote must be indented.
  • Footnotes font is Times New Roman 12 pt.
  • 2 line spacing.
  • A distinction should be made between a hyphen [-] and an em dash [–].

Style Guide for Authors submitting articles to Ecumeny and Law

Style Guide for Authors submitting articles to Ecumeny and Law