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Ecumeny and Law

An open forum provided for the legal thought, gives the Church an occasion to engage in dialogue with the world that concerns the way of implementing such universal principles as: respect for life, dignity and rights of the human being, freedom, tolerance and, in a wider social dimension – advocating the value of marriage, family, as well as solidarity with the less fortunate. The need to perpetuate this dialogue has found its actualization in a new canonic periodical Ecumeny and Law. Therein, the meeting of theologians representing various Christian churches, and more broadly, the encounter of scholars affiliated to ecumenical movement, with the representatives of legal studies – has as its aim the demonstration of full ecumenical potential of the canon law. The kernel of this dialogue is to call for human being’s subjectivity and unalienable rights, to champion justice, which – in practical terms translates into ensuring the “here-and-now” justice within the basic communities: marriages and families, and consequently – within the societies and nations of nowadays Europe.

Description of the strategy of Ecumeny and Law

We declare the intensification of work to make our periodical fully open access under the terms of the Creative Commons 4.0 license. In this way, we want to meet the criterion of the Open Science Policy.

In 2020 it is expected that work on placing our periodical on the platform will be completed.