Zespół redakcyjny

Redaktor naczelny:

Andrzej Pastwa

Zespół redakcyjny:

Deputy editor-in-chief Józef Budniak
Deputy editor-in-chief Nicolae V. Dură

Head of ecumeny department Zdzisław Kijas
Head of law department Piotr Kroczek
Statistical editor Wojciech Świątkiewicz
English language editor Michelle Adamowski
French language editor Dorota Śliwa
Italian language editor Agnieszka Gatti


Marek Rembierz
Przemysław Sawa

Editor’s Duties and Responsibilities

Editor is responsible for the fast, clear and objective review process, that is first of all:

  1. selects reviewers, taking into account their knowledge and experience in particular thematic areas
  2. ensure that each author is treated with due dignity, courtesy and fairness, transparency, equality and tolerance
  3. constantly monitor the review process
  4. sets the review period with the selected reviewer
  5. decide whether an article must be rejected due to a suspicion of the conflict of interests between the author and reviewer
  6. evaluates articles in cooperation with the members of the Scientific Council
  7. consults all changes in the publication process with the author of the article
  8. ensure confidentiality of information related to the author, reviewer and contents of the manuscript
  9. responsible for the efficient and timely functioning of the publication process
  10. respect the publication deadlines and in case of longer delays contact the author or reviewers
  11. responsible for following the guidelines and protocols provided by the Silesian University Press